A collection of exploratory sound apps for iOS


Here are some answers to some questions…


Which iOS device do I need to run these sound toys?

These sound toys are currently compatible with the following devices: iPad 2 or later, iPhone 4S or later, iPod Touch (5th generation) or later, unless stated otherwise. Please refer to the app descriptions in the App Store.


Why won’t the sound toy work on my device?

Have you checked the App Store description to see if your device is supported?


What if I find a bug?

If you do find any bugs then please report them so that they can be fixed in future updates. Thanks.


Can I use these sound toys in my music?

Yes if you want to. 


Do you make bespoke sound toy or music apps for other people?

I am open to suggestions. Send me an email.


Contact: andy [at] noisetoysound [dot] org [dot] uk


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